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August 12, 2013
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Eden de Ys App: Suzumi by Koya-kyuun Eden de Ys App: Suzumi by Koya-kyuun

just kidding I'll be joining next opening~ :iconminghideplz: //slapped
But uh yes
:iconeden-de-ys:, an all male kemonomimi yaoi group :iconheplz: set on an island resort where pets mingle with clients (and each other ohoh)
I'd been meaning to join for a while but got distracted with other things, but upon finding out that my newest honey boo boo :iconzanyzarah: was a damn mod I jumped to finish my app huehue :iconbrightfutureplz:
Again the colors aren't great, but they at least don't look like complete shit like Klause's did :iconpapmingplz: amg
and I cannot write digitally to save my life omfg :iconfacepalmplz:

also idk what his pose is
maybe he forgot he had a tail and it surprised him :iconmingplz:
meh. I like it anyway :iconming3plz:


Name: Suzumi Hanako

Alias / Nickname: Suzu

Age: 18

Species: Shiba Inu

Height: 5'4"

Seme/Seke/Uke: Uke

Sadism/Masochism: Neither. He's open to trying new things though :eyes:

Speciality/Talents: Digital drawing/graphic design, tea blending and flower arranging

Wealth: $215

:new:Rank: D


Stamina: 2
Charm: 6
Wit: 1
Technique: 3
Willpower: 3


+ Praise
+ Kindness
+ Being handled with care
+ Being in groups
+ Being online
+ Drawing/designing
+ Care free environments
+ Tea, milk, any sweet drink

- Being scolded
- Rude people
- Rough handling
- Being alone for too long
- Being a bother
- Intolerance
- Confrontations
- Traditionalism


Suzumi is one who is cheerful at heart, but due to certain experiences, his first inclination is to feel shy and uncertain in new situations. However, unlike some pets on the island, he is very happy to be there, and wishes to make the best possible impressions on other pets and make as many friends as he can. Though he is confined to the island and given the responsibility of work, he has more freedom now than he's ever had, and finds living at Eden de Ys to be a refreshing, liberating and exciting experience.

A large part of the excitement is the factor of casual sex among pets, himself being extremely curious and wanting to be included. Because he has no sexual experience however, he does easily get nervous in suggestive situations, but he is actually very open minded and willing to experiment, so long as his partner is understanding and gentle with him. He prefers limiting these experiences with those he already knows and trusts, and wishes to lose his virginity to a good friend instead of a stranger or a client.

He is obedient however, and is most likely to go along with whatever others say, unless he becomes too uncomfortable or frightened by what's going on. He's not interested in pain or suffering and is much more into playful activities and things like light bondage or using toys, and will not hesitate to extract himself from a situation he deems dangerous to himself or others. It'll take him a while before he can work up the nerve to partake in more than touching and making out, but being sure that his partner has amiable intentions will definitely help in getting him to loosen up.

As for regular interactions, he tries his best to be polite and friendly, but will take a hint if someone wants to be left alone. He does not wish to be a nuisance to anyone, and hopes very much that he'll be liked by the other pets. His background is a sore spot, and he'd much rather keep to happier topics than anything depressing. His goal is to one day earn the privilege to come and go from the island as he pleases.

History: (I tried to keep it short, I swear to god :iconmingtearsplz:)

 As a high school student, Suzu wasn't the most sociable of people, nor did he get out much. His life was dictated by his very strict (and very religious) parents, who pressured their son immensely and constantly tried to mold him into the person they wanted him to be, including insisting he take over the family's traditional Japanese shop once he graduated and find a wife as soon as possible. He attended a private all-boy's catholic school, where he made almost no friends and just barely managed to pass each class. He had little interest in being popular among his classmates, and so when he began to be picked on for his short stature and effeminate looks he quickly resigned to keeping quietly to himself every day, conversing only with two good friends he'd made the previous few years in middle school.

At that time in his life, couldn't honestly say he was happy, but he was able to find solace and satisfaction in books, manga, and digital drawing. He found that he had passion for trends and designs, particularly in what people were calling "kawaii," this sort of colorful, adorable style of fashion that seemed to be everywhere on the internet. He fell into a routine that consisted of dragging himself through school, biting his tongue and dealing with his parents when he had to, and avoiding them as much as possible when he didn't, which he usually accomplished by hiding out in his room to read, draw, or surf the net. He made a lot more friends online than he did in real life, and talking to them was also one of his favorite ways to pass the time. They seemed there for him as well when no one else was, and often helped him to feel better after having a bad day. He didn't enjoy complaining to them about his problems, but when he felt the need to bring up something that was bothering him, they were always sympathetic and supportive, particularly about the fact that his parents refused to acknowledge his sexuality. He liked boys, yes, it was terribly obvious in his opinion, but they never spoke of it, even going so far as to ask him about girls he liked or how many children he wanted some day. It was hurtful of course, but he simply figured it wouldn't be a terribly big problem once he was living on his own, and tried not to be too concerned about it for now. He tried not to be too concerned about anything really, simply focusing only on what made him happy. It seemed to work just fine for a while, but then came a day when his parents said they had news for him.

Just before the end of his last year of high school, they called him down to the living room, and to his utter repulsion and dismay, told him they had arranged a marriage for him, to the daughter of some close family friends. They seemed to think this was the best solution to Suzumi's lack of interest in relationships, the boy in question standing frozen for several moments. Then, the arguing began. Voices began to carry an edge and soon grew into shouts and accusations, the fight dragging on and on and escalating into the worst they'd ever had. At the very end of his wits, Suzu had yelled at the two of them that he was gay, being answered with a slap to the face and a shout that if he didn't want to grow up and abide by his parent's wishes, then he was not welcome to live under this roof or be a part of this family. Devastated, Suzu ran crying to his room, eventually calling his friend to ask if he could stay with him for a while. Packing his things, he left in the middle of the night, with no intention of ever returning.

For the last week of school, he stayed in a guest room at his friend's house, deciding that the best course of action was to search the web for cheap apartments. He had about a thousand dollars saved in the bank, but he knew that wouldn't last long living on his own, and so set his focus on finding some kind of decent job. He posted ads and sifted through classifieds, trying to find anything that was better than a bag boy or a factory worker, eventually coming upon something that piqued his interest. A male escort job looking for feminine boys, that promised a safe and secure environment with exuberant pay. He was very intrigued, but couldn't find any location or contact information besides a single phone number. Calling it, he was arranged to meet an employee of the establishment for an evening interview at a local restaurant. On his way there, however, while walking down a dim, empty side street, a hand that seemingly came out of nowhere pressed a strong smelling cloth over his nose and mouth, and suddenly, everything went dark.

His head hurt when he awoke, but he was laying on something soft. As his head cleared and he attempted to get up, he saw that there was a collar with a large bell around his neck, and he was in some kind of small room, the bed and a table and chair being the only furnishings. He was terrified of course, but mustered up the courage to try the door knob, which, much to his surprise, was unlocked. Cautiously stepping out, his jaw dropped when he came face to face with a luxurious, food and furniture filled cabin. On a jet. He froze as he immediately started to panic, the few other passengers looking his way when one noticed him standing there. A man rose out of his seat and smiled at him, offering Suzu a seat. He didn't seem surprised when the pup didn't move, and so simply began his explanation of what was going on. He said this was all part of the escort job Suzu had been interested in, and had went on to say they'd tracked his location when he'd made the phone call, and had followed him on his way to the restaurant. Just by looking at him they decided they wanted to hire him, and they had been the ones to knock him out. Suzu's expression remained very apprehensive, but soon, his eyes were widening and his ears perking as the man told him of resorts and dorm rooms and other escorts who lived on an island with a secret location, the clients they received being incredibly wealthy ones which in turn allowed the workers to be paid handsomely. The only catch of course, was that the escorts, affectionately called "pets", were not permitted to leave the island. Unless of course, they were able to afford it. Suzu swallowed nervously as it became clear that this was not a proposition but a statement of facts, and that he was going to work for them whether he liked it or not. When the man was done, he took the seat that had been offered earlier, clasped his hands in his lap, and stared at them as he thought. This was... Scary. But at the same time... It didn't sound so bad, did it? Good money, a place to live, island resorts to use any time? It actually sounded more like a twisted dream come true. He wouldn't be convinced until he saw for himself that nothing bad was happening to the workers there, but upon arrival, as he was led through the resort and saw the beautiful male animals frolicking and playing with each other and-- e-even displaying extreme affection-- he found he couldn't keep his tail still, or calm his ecstatic heart. This place was the stuff of his fantasies!! And he'd get to live here for free?! He wouldn't have to worry about anything, he'd get to have his own room, he'd still get to use the internet (provided his conversations were monitored) and do whatever he wanted!! He happily thanked the man after he'd been showed to his room, asking if he could arrange to have his belongings shipped to the island as well. Agreeing as long as Suzu assisted with a call to his friend, the man left the pup on his own, telling him to feel free to explore and he would be notified if he was needed. In an overwhelmed, euphoric daze, Suzu flopped down onto his bed, laid there for several minutes with thoughts flying through his head, then lived happily every after //ureshii fell soundly asleep.

Dorm: Maison de Vigne


- His bell collar is his tracker
- His father is American and his mother is Japanese
- He has a 22 year old brother who is away at the army
- He sleeps with stuffed animals
- He does not wear shorts under his sweater pantsu shots for all
- He likes to cook, though he hasn't had much practice.
- He has a machine that can print his kawaii designs on iron-on paper. His favorite things to decorate are his underwear.
- He's a squeaker =v= if you squeeze him he squeaks, if you poke him he squeaks, if you surprise him at all in any way, he squeaks.
- He loves, loves, loves affection okay, petting, hugging, cuddling, being carried, all of it. Give the puppy pets.
- Because almost all of his friends were made online and his family is very conservative, physical contact is something he's very unused to but definitely craves. Also because of this, he is very, very sensitive.
- Though he has read and watched all manner of sexual content and masturbates almost daily, he is a virgin with absolutely no sexual or romantic experience whatsoever. Be gentle with him. :icongyaa2plz:

Partner(s): none as of yet uvu

:new:For those who would like to RP: Please take note that Suzumi is, let's say, and extremely puppyish character u v u though his attitude is positive, he's fairly meek and helpless and as of this point in his development he is still quite shy around new people and situations, and so if your oc is someone who's also shy and reserved, an rp between the two would most likely be preeetty boring = v =;

I believe the best characters to use for approaching Suzumi are ones who are more experienced, ambitious etc and who like cute things-- because really all Suzu is a squishy cute thing for others to play with //raughs

As he gets acquainted with his new home this won't always be the case, but for now he needs others to feel him up teach him and generally take the lead.

My preferred method for rp is the group chatroom or skype chat; notes I'm very likely to forget about and personal skype is more for after we get to know each other /o/

Roleplay Example:

Suzumi: The first day after his arrival at the island was a gorgeous one as far as weather goes, the sleepy pup blinking in the sunlight that streamed through his window. A wave of memories rushed back to him upon waking, and he laid still for a while, trying to think through it all. In his head, he went through everything that led up to this point, from the fight with his parents, to staying with his friend, to going to the job interview, to waking up on the jet... It all seemed so surreal. And yet, here he was, lying in unfamiliar albeit beautiful hotel room, with none of his belongings and no means of leaving the island resort he'd been brought to. He didn't mind of course, he wasn't scared or sad or anything like that... It was just so strange. Fantastically so. He was living in a place he could only have dreamed existed...! A small, ecstatic smile crossed his lips as his tail slowly fluffed up with the rising excitement he felt. So he should start living his new life right?! The issue of what to do today came to his attention. From what the man who led him here had told him, he was basically free to do whatever he wanted until he was called for a job, which could be any time from now. He should... Try exploring the island then! Take a look around at his new home. Maybe meet some of the other pets? The thought made him a bit nervous, but eager too. Hopefully they'd be as friendly as they seemed to be when he saw a few of them from afar the previous day. He sat up, smoothing the back of his hair and his bangs as he took a few more glances around his room.
He decided he could worry about explaining to his friends about where he had gone when his computer arrived with the rest of his things. Besides, he still had to get used to this...! He knew it'd be a while before he'd be able to wrap his mind around his situation, but maybe just wandering around and looking at stuff will help him get his bearings. Standing up, he straightened his clothes (which he'd accidentally slept in) and slipped on his sandals before stepping over to his door. He opened it carefully, tentatively peeking his head out to peer up and down the hallway before stepping out. There was no one else there, and he wasn't sure what time it was, so he walked cautiously and quietly through the Chinese themed dorm and downstairs to the front entrance. He turned around in an absent minded circle as he stared at the foyer's exquisite and detailed decor, his mouth opening slightly before snapping shut when he almost walked into the glass front doors. He gave a flustered but amused sigh through his nose, then took a deep breath and pushed the door open. Walking out into the daylight, he peered around with wide, curious eyes as his heart beat faster and heat rose to his cheeks just looking at this amazing place.

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Sammsy-Chan Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh sweet bbyjesus he's adorable <333 
That tail omg!! It looks so softt! 
We should rp sometime <33 I think Theo would be all over him and his cuteness! 
Koya-kyuun Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
aww thanks so much hun~~ :icondesucraiplz: your babu looks totes cute too omg :iconeffuplz:<33
I'd love to rp! :iconyeyplz: might you be a part of the group's skype chat? I'll be joining as soon as I get over this cold ahaaah :iconocryplz:;;
Sammsy-Chan Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are so welcomeee <3 and ahhh thank youuu :iconiloveyouplz:
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Sorry about such a slow reply >< I just got back from a vacation~
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